Dr. Ajay kotwal speaks on who are you. He is the ascended master of spiritual yoga- spiritual enlightenment and spiritual communication. He is spiritually enlightened himalayan guru from himalayan foot hills.

About Dr. Ajay Kotwal


Dr. Ajay Kotwal, An Enlightened Mystic.

Dr. Ajay Kotwal – Neelam Mohan

The Ascended Masters of

Spiritual Freedom
Yoga of Consciousness
Natural Intelligence
Invisible Self

Dr. Ajay Kotwal for past several years is on a spiritual retreat researching on Post Spiritual Enlightenment
and doesn’t teach or meet anybody online or offline now a days.
He shares his teaching only through Himalayan Guru (Mohit Anand).

Inspired by the vision, mission and teachings of Dr. Ajay Kotwal;

  • Mohit Anand has established ‘Universes of Life - Anand Ashram’,
    Where, he is teaching;

    1. How to know your Real Self

      Higher Self-Realization

      Deeper Spiritual Enlightenment

      How to Explore Discover Experience Realize

      More: Happiness Peace Love Freedom Bliss

    2. Anand Dhyan

      Key to Experience Instant & Eternal - Happiness Peace Love Freedom Bliss

    3. Journeys in Meditation

      Learn Meditations to Explore Research

      Discover: Cosmic Cruises Cosmic Retreats

      Also Travel Astrally AnyPlace AnyWhere
      AnyTime Alone or with AnyBody

Dr. Ajay Kotwal is the Supreme Guru... Guru of all the Gurus... He is the Pristine Consciousness embodied in a human form... He is the source of peak pleasures, deathlessness, peace and truth... He is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of all the Samadhis... Everbodiless, he lives and travels without his physical body... His presence is wish fulfilling, healing and intoxicating. He is the Supreme Teacher of Spiritual Enlightenment in 21st Century. He loves his anonymity and lives a quiet life in the Himalayan foothills with his Divine Companion 'Neelam Mohan' who is a manifestation of pure love and compassion. He teaches only through Himalayan Guru (Mohit Anand). Himalayan Guru is a gift of Dr. Ajay Kotwal for absolute freedom, permanent happiness and eternal life to mankind.

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